Kathryn Fleming - The Flower Project

The Founder – Kathryn Fleming

Founder and owner of ‘The Flower Project’ Kathryn Fleming was born with a deep appreciation and respect for nature running through her veins. Her floral career begun from humble beginnings in a boutique florist as an apprentice in her hometown in Surrey, England. After travelling the world she settled back in New Zealand in 2007 and her first company Boudica Flowers and affiliation with Farro was born.

Her talents have grown from providing simple wedding florals for friends from her ‘garage studio’ to sharing botanicals all over Auckland at the flower stands within the four Farro stores. As Farro has grown in popularity and expanded its reach across Auckland, so has Kathryn’s clientele and flower following.

Whilst tending to the flower stand at the original Farro in Mt. Wellington she met her best friend and now husband, the handsome Hamish a Farro veteran & category manager. The first Farro wedding! Hoorah! He adopted Rocco, the shaggy Jack Russell as his own and 4 kids have followed one after the other.

Kathryn passions, alongside her family, are flowers that evoke the vibrancy and changing seasons of Auckland city. Her hope is to inspire people with her passion for flowers, cultivate creativity and to provide people with the best fresh flowers New Zealand has to offer at an accessible price.

” I believe that creativity and spirituality are interconnected, by spirituality I am meaning the human spirit, the place in us that feels connected to life. It’s that place in us that never ends, which can not be accurately described by words and can only be felt by the heart. I hope that this project encourages people to express themselves once a week, once a fortnight, through nature and flowers. Learn a skill, try something new. Touching, holding, seeing, feeling, all of this brought to your doorstep. A secret package, a surprise, to open and enjoy not just for that moment but for all the moments as their beauty unravels. Life. From beginning to end, so brief. Seize it. “

Meet the Rest of the Team


“Having no experience in floristry before starting with The Flower Project earlier this year, I’ve grown to love the job and the industry pretty quickly. Being hands on and working creatively is a bit of a dream – so I can easily say I love coming to work every day!
Outside of TFP I’m busy immersing myself in other creative activities or spending time with my family. I’ve spent the last 3 years travelling Europe and the UK, and I try to incorporate that love of adventure at any chance I get!”

Ashleigh - The Flower Project NZ


“After leaving during my final year of school and having no clear direction of what I wanted to do, I started working in food, my first 3 years were spent at Farro where I met Kathryn and her beautiful family. We have been friends ever since and after 6 years in food I was ready for a new adventure. I don’t know a lot about Flowers it’s definitely a new world for me but I am always interested in learning new things and was raised to never say no to a new challenge. Other interests I have are sport, spending time with friends and family, being outdoors and baking. Part of my other role is helping out with Kathryn’s kids, and I couldn’t be more excited to get to work everyday.”


“After doing all manner of jobs during my working life, I feel very lucky to be working now with my clever and creative daughter-in-law on The Flower Project.

Flowers have always been an important part of my life, courtesy my mother’s passion for them and I love every aspect of this job; from helping at the market seeing different flowers being auditioned for final selection to helping with making up the bouquets and delivering them. But the highlight has to be meeting the customers for whom they bring such pleasure.

I must have flowers, always, and always

– Claude Monet