Tulips are a beautiful, classic favorite and have been for centuries – right from back in the 1630’s when tulip mania erupted. Having Dutch blood myself I find the Tulip and it’s history incredibly interesting. Tulips have long held a significant role in Dutch history and culture ever since they were introduced to the Netherlands […]

I like vases. Really like them. I’d go as far to say they are my hobby. This sort of hobby suits me perfectly, I don’t have to schedule it in, finding a slot one or two times a week for my flower holding vessels is ideal. They are a low maintenance pursuit with a high satisfaction […]

A native to the colourful Mexico, Dahlias evoke all the cheer and vibrancy of their native land. There are many shapes, sizes and colours of these beauties hence why have always been an absolute favourite of mine, such diversity! From the moment I first layed my eyes on one the love affair started. You’ll find […]